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Mexican company with strong foundations in the technological development, we have 10 years of experience behind us. We have carried out projects with secretariats for public safety in several states, equipped with tracking systems and logistics companies to urban public transport and municipal clean units, in addition to multiple projects in the private sector, active members of the National Register of Scientific and Technologic Institutions and Companies (REINIECYT) and TELCEL certified integrators.

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Updates to the platform

Get familiar with the most recent updates to our platform specially designed for the current needs of our customers, we are strengthening the tools to make it more precise, for your safety and logistics.

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Max100 Equipment
All inclusive plan to 18 months. Get it in special online price of $349.00 per month.



  • Every relationship I have had with the company has been very positive, they have assisted me in support cases and also in the design of the tools and applications, I can say I am a satisfied customer and I recommend them
  • We had an emergency in which units were reported missing, immediately support team contacted us and thanks to the tools of the platform we successfully locate them, I appreciate your availability and good treatment.
    Transportes Imelda
  • I am satisfied with the tracking system, the service has been good and they have assisted me in the reports I need.
    Transportes Navarro

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Address: Brasilia #107 Col. La Fuente Aguascalientes, Ags. Mexico, C.P. 20239
Phone: 01800 700 62 94
Phone: 01800 002 07 67
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About Us

Max4 we are a company with a firm foundation in technological development. Located in the center of Mexico we have presence throughout Latin America in countries like Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica.

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